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I don't know about you, but I've passed more than one reflective moment in Church Porches over the years. Going in or coming out, browsing a leaflet, reading notices, sometimes a year old concerning an Annual General Meeting - or a Charity - or a card from a visitor - news of the orphan being supported by the parish, and so on. Here too is news from the diocese and the world wide church, Magazines from Church office and prayers for the community.  Often there is something that catches my attention to be thought about or prayed about while I'm in the sanctuary, Other times it is on my way out. Of course, nowadays in New Zealand such reflective hours are few and far between. Churches are locked for fear of vandalism.. but here, in this place, we can still do these little browsing things, with a little view of a chapel in the background..


In some ways the whole of Sanctuary could be described as a series of pamphlets and newsletters, maybe as reading rooms in the crypt. This part of the porch describes what you can find, though the summary is available in the SiteMap and there is a short form in the chapel and on the Welcome page: By the way, except where it appears on the sitemap itself wherever you see the Alpha and Omega, that represents a way back to the site map. It looks like this Site Map
The Site Map will show you your way round in more detail, and provide a place for you to sign the visitors book or to leave mail for the Web Weaver. 
Here's a description of the extras available at present: 

There is a newsletter about The Sanctuary for regular visitors in 'Doings and Plans' . I try  to update it whenever there are changes or additions to the site so it might pay to keep an eye on it. But then I tried to do away with it, only to have and outcry. 

The Disclaimer is just that. (smile) Nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition, but  one's private thoughts and meditations can sometimes upset theologians.. Web resources provides some links. Not all of them Christian or Anglican, but all of them conducive to a growing spirit of  love for Our Lord and His lovely universe. 


Meditations of My Heart:
A daily quiet time e-mail list
Gospel reading, reflection and quote from great pray-ers past and present.   

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Parish News
A weekly newsheet, with readings, reflections, stories and intercessions for the wider world, the church and our own personal needs
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