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We have been blessed from the beginning. The photographs in 'Seasons' went up when this was a private 'page' for the housebound. The Knights of Saint Francis were kind enough to grant us the permission to use their photos of the Holy Land - as a truly Christian resource.

Material Mercies

I thought of asking for donations for the work of sanctuary 'for outreach and apostolate'. (such big words for a little work)  But the Lord said 'No'. 'This is not how my servant Francis did it. Rather, if you do my work, then I will inspire whom I will inspire to give what they can to you'.

Thanks to a friend I now have an alms dish to lay before those who come by. We were looking for a wooden one, but it seems they're not so popular these days. I shall put them near the entries and exits of Our Sanctuary, as is traditional, and we shall see what we shall see.



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 This is a list for all who are now living or are interested in living the solitary life, either in an uban setting or otherwise. All Christians welcome, but no doctrinal arguments will be tolerated. This list is for sharing the fruits of our prayer and meditation, the way we practice our vocation, and encouragement of one another in our commitment to silence and solitude as a specific path to union with God.







For the first time our splash page now shows the real sanctuary at our mother house. Here we hold weekly services on Friday Nights, healing services on every fourth Sunday. So much has changed over the months and years since I last had time and energy for my own websites. We are now part of a world wide, interdenominational, non residential community of solitaries, hermits and groups. The Order of the Holy Theotokos, The Community of Saint Ita and Saint Fillan, and now, our own local community, Aisling. The Order has been around a long time, and encompasses both Eastern and Western traditions. The CSIF has been in existence for several years. It is strongly influenced by the burgeoning world view of the Celts, and by a focus on Spirituality. The Aisling Community is only a baby.

All this springs from the one source. Our Love of the Lord, and our journey into finding Him in every person, every leaf and every tree, and every circumstance of our lives. Our everyday lives and our everyday disciplines and our everyday communities now include more than the world in which our physical lives take shape, not even 'only' our spiritual lives, but in the astonishing and challenging world of the Internet. How then do we begin to live lives of true solitude, true community and the one thing necessary, all at the same time.

On such considerations do we begin this journey, new and ancient, now and in time to come. What will be, for each of us, I hope and pray, will be our finding of our own Place of Resurrection, so we too will follow the footsteps of the ancient saints, and walk a new path in Him who is our way, our truth, and our life. . .


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If you wish to send a note to the list such a letter should include a brief introduction of yourself, a mention of any special needs you might have, and any offer of talents that you might be inspired to make. You are also welcome to lurk read and say nothing for as long as you wish.

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