This site makes no claim to authority, purity of doctrine or to official sanction. It contains the musings of a private citizen who happens to be Christian. It is not a description of The Way, The Truth, and The Life, but it does contain hints of the Way I have been led to walk, the Truth I have been given to see, and the Life it is my measure to live. It is the work of a contemplative, but one who does not live outside the church or have overweening trust in her own opinion above that of others. It is the work of someone whose spiritual struggle takes place in the marketplace, and whose daily life is enough fuel for prayer to satisfy anyone.
It doesn't claim to explain, describe, or prescribe all that is  necessary for the whole christian life, or even the basics necessary to everyone.

It is a simple enough offering:  the equivalent, I hope, of something which used to be common, when I was young. An open, apparently empty church by the road side. A place to call in, visit with God, maybe to read, and to disagree a little, but above all, it is a place in which to think one's own thoughts, pray one's own prayers privately, and to leave, refreshed. 

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