Heather Bell 


I wonder if we realize the courage it required,
For Mary to accept Gods plan, to do as He desired.
To be an unwed mother, all those years ago,
Could not have been an easy thing, for other folk to know.

But Joseph stayed by Mary, they accepted Gods great plan,
Because of their great courage, our Saviour came to man.
If we are called upon by God, to do something we think strange,
Would we have the courage needed, our way of life to change ?

We say we are not of the world, although we live here in it,
But really we try hard to please societys laws infinite.
So when you're called to speak up loud, claim Christ as Lord of all,
Remember Mary with no thought of self, obeyed her Masters call.


Have you ever watched a butterfly, with irridescent wing,
Who lights among the flowers, and makes your heart to sing.

A butterfly is useless, in natures scheme of things,
I guess our Lord God knew quite well, what pleasure it would bring.

There are many creatures in our world, that neither toil nor spin,
This beauty is a gift of God, to lift our eyes to Him.


Whoever sees the restless sea,
And never thinks, Dear Lord, of thee,
The pounding waves churned by a storm,
The gentle wavelets in the morn.

The changing shades of every hue,
Where ere I look, I think of You.
To think such wonder could exist,
When by the sun, the waves are kissed.
I thank You Lord, that You put me,
In residence beside the sea.

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