Heather Bell 
Beside Still Waters

Heather has a real gift for conversational, confiding  prayer and has a full and varied life. Always rich in the spirit, but far from always rich in worldly terms. Her yarns, as she calls them, reveal this talent at every turn. There is a lot to be learned from these tales, and from Heather's relationship with Jesus. Her way has not been easy but always there has been for her, the presence of the everlasting arms. She has known long years of illness, and lived with the desire and prayer for wholeness. As she has said, the wholeness does not always include physical healing though it includes much learning.  But, as she herself said, of someone else, 

It seems people who have had a poor life are the ones who understand ... best though.  They have that touch somehow, maybe it's the "more in need of forgiveness thing", which is softening.

She enriches all she meets, and we are privileged to have her resident in The Sanctuary, sharing the adventures and near misses of  The Companionable Way

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Heather's 'Yarns'

Loaves and Lawnmowers.  The Return
Houses and Strikes,  In Time,  Provision
Complete Gift
The Wrong Day

Presentations at the Temple
Noli me tangere
"The Presentation in the Temple" and "Noli me Tangere". 
Works by Fra Angelico.
Courtesy of Web Museum, Paris.

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