Heather Bell
Beside Still Waters

When my brother and his family returned to New Zealand from Singapore, they knew their housepack and car would arrived long after them, as the cargo came by sea. It was to be
off loaded in Dunedin too, which was off the beaten track for them. However they went ahead looking for a home, anticipating a long delay before they found the right house in the right price range/area etc.  Within seven days they had found the right house at the right price in the right area.  Then a seamans strike in England forced the ship with their cargo to put into Lyttleton where their car and housepack were off loaded. They had all their furniture and their car by the date of the shift into the new house. 

What a coincidence !!


While working on the Westport wharf, my husband lost a new gold wrist watch over the
edge.  He came back to our motel that evening and wanted me to sent home for his old
watch.  I contacted some Christian friends and we prayed for the watch, undoubtedly swishing around on the bottom of the Buller river.  The next day, men working under the wharf found the watch, hanging on a projection, well above the water line and ticking merrily away.

I am going to write a story about my finances one day, because  there is no doubt, my needs are always met - my wants sometimes :)

I was crowing to Kay the other day that for some strange reason I had $55 left from my grocery money.  As I only draw $100 a fortnight, this was somewhat amazing, but it happens sometimes, when it's only food and I dont' need any cleaners etc.  The mail arrived at lunch time and there was a bill for $55 from the lawyer for making my will - and not a cent to spare :))) 

Ahhh, He is so good.
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it's the deep relationship really, the knowing that even when it looks as though it's all falling apart and nothing is the way you  thought it should be, there is that wonderful peace.  the knowing you are where you are, because that is the right place for you at this time.