Heather Bell 


Is the life you are living like a row boat at sea
With you doing all the work ?
Do you weather lifes storms by the power of your strength,
Do you navigate lifes snags where they lurk ?

Or are you a sail boat who drifts with the winds
Of popular opinion and style ?
Do you blow this way and that as fashion decrees
And hope fortune will give you a smile ?

Or are you a jet boat powered by God ?
With power to carry you through
The worst of the storms, the calmest of seas,
On the course that's been charted for you.


When you're a Christian and the going gets tough,
No one promised it wouldn't get rough.
But the promise we're given, to have and to hold,
Is peace in our troubles, more precious than gold.

We have no immunity from lifes stress and strain,
We all have our share of sorrow and pain.
But if we stand fast, and trust in the Lord,
We're sure in the knowledge 'all things work for good.'

So when things look bad, no ending in sight,
Turn your eyes upon Jesus and trust in His might.
You know that He cares, so have peace in your heart,
Trusting acceptance is a faith building start.


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