The Site of the Ancient Hill fort, shows the outline of the Norman Cathedral.
    within sight of its great successor, Salisbury Cathedral.

    The Sarum Rite (more properly called the Use of Salisbury) was established by Saint Osmund, Bishop of Salisbury in the 11th Century and was originally the local form used in the Cathedral and Diocese of Salisbury; it later became prevalent throughout southern England and came to be used throughout most of England, Wales, Ireland and had a great influence of later Anglican forms of worship as represented in the Book of Common Prayer. Many aspects of the Sarum use are a profoundly beautiful vehicle for contemplative worship.

Old Sarum

Almighty God, 
who has planted the Day-star in the heavens, 
and, scattering the night, 
dost restore morning to the world, 
fill us, we beseech Thee, with Thy mercy, 
so that, Thou being our Enlightener, 
all the darkness of our sins may be dispersed, 
through our Lord Jesus Christ.        BREVIARY



    Thou, who art the eternal protection and salvation of our souls, arm us, we entreat Thee, with the helmet of hope, and the shield of Thy invincible defence; that so, helped by Thee in the straits of our necessities, we may be filled with joy and gladness with those who love Thee, through Jesus Christ our Lord. BREVIARY

    God be in my head
    And in my understanding. 
    God be in my mine eyes
    And in my looking. 
    God be in my mouth
    And in my speaking. 
    God be in my heart 
    And in my thinking,
    God be at mine end
    And at my departing. 
                                   PRIMER, 1527

    O blessed Jesu, most mighty lion, King immortal and most victorious, have mind of the sorrow that Thou sufferedst when all the powers of Thine heart and body for feebleness failed Thee utterly. And then Thou saidst, inclining Thine head thus: "It is all done." For mind of thine anguish and sorrow, blessed Jesus, have mercy on me in my last end.                                  PRIMER 1538


We beseech thee, O gracious Lord, 
let our hearts be enlightened by the holy radiance of Thy Son's Incarnation; that we may escape the darkness of this world, 
and by His guidance attain to the country of everlasting clearness. MISSAL

        The Sarum Use, by the Reverend Canon Professor J. Robert Wright

        There was no “Lord I am not worthy.” The celebrant would cross himself with the Host before receiving it and with the chalice before receiving it. The private prayers of the celebrant before and after receiving communion were different from those of the Roman rite, the  Ave in aeternum  before each kind being especially beautiful and peculiar to Sarum:

        “Hail for evermore, most holy Flesh of Christ, to me before all things and above all things the greatest sweetness.
        May the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ be unto me a sinner the way and the Life.”

        “Hail for evermore, heavenly Drink, to me before all things and above all things the greatest sweetness.
        May the Body and the Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ be profitable to me a sinner for an eternal remedy unto everlasting life. Amen.”

        In Latin, these two prayers were: “Ave in aeternum, sanctissima caro Christi, mihi ante omnia et super omnia summa dulcedo. Corpus domini nostri Jesu Christi sit mihi peccatori via et vita.”

        “Ave in aeternum, caelestis potus, mihi ante omnia et super omnia summa dulcedo. Corpus et sanguis domini nostri Jesu Christi prosint mihi peccatori ad remedium sempiternum in vitam aeternam. Amen.”


O Lord Almighty, Father unbegotten, upon us miserable sinners,
Have mercy
O Lord, who hast redeemed the work of Thy hands by Thine only Son, 
Have mercy upon us.
O Lord, Adonai, blot out our offences, and upon Thyy people
Have mercy

O Christ, Brightness of the Father's glory, and the express image of His person, 
Have mercy upon us
O Christ, who didst save the world at the command of the Father
Have mercy upon us
O Christ, Saviour of men, eternal Life of Angels, 
Have mercy upon us

O Lord, Spirit, the Comforter, Dispenser of pardon, 
Have mercy upon us
O Lord, Fountain of mercy and of sevenfold grace, 
Have mercy upon us
O lord, most pitiful Forgiver, proceeding from Both, 
O most bountiful Giver of gifts, Teacher, Quickener, of Thy goodness 
Have mercy upon us. 



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